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Frequently Asked Questions

A: It depends on the scope of work in what you want to achieve as well as the product you want to install. There’s many variables that go into a remodel. Our experienced designer will create your design and select product that will meet your budgetary needs.

A: There is so much that goes into doing a remodel. From the start with your consultation, to working on your design, on to ordering and receiving product, and finally installation, you can plan on 16-20 weeks. Most clients don’t want to hear this though we believe it is best to be realistic rather than to tell you what you want to hear.

A: Our designer will select products with you and will budget them within your project. Wait to meet with our designer because your project is like a puzzle and we will help piece things together.

A: Once all of your product is received and inspected, we will provide a schedule to start.

A: As much as we try to anticipate every scenario, unexpected things can arise. Sometimes resolved easily but there is always the possibility that additional labor and expenses can come up. For example, if we go to demo a wall and find piping behind it when we open it up and determine that it needs to be moved, this would be an unforeseen circumstance.


  • With a typical remodel, our general manager will make an initial in-home appointment. When including a design, we then partner up with our designer for the meeting with the customer. At this point measurements are taken and designer gets a feel for the customer’s style and talks about their vision while going over product ideas. Customer will choose to retain services for a custom design.
  • Designer uses state of the art programs to create a custom design and then performs a design review with customer and makes any necessary changes to scope and product. Then we move to a proposal.
  • Proposal is approved and Contract is signed. Product is then put on order.
  • Product is fulfilled and we provide start date with an estimated timeline. Customers are updated daily until project comes to completion.
  • We perform Final walk-thru at completion.

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