5 Ways to Get a Great Home Addition Outcome


5 Ways to Get a Great Home Addition Outcome

The longer we live in our homes, the more space we end up needing. Our family sizes grow, we may need a home office, or we may have picked up a new hobby that requires extra space or storage. If you love your current home and can’t imagine moving away, a home addition is a great way to add space! We’ve created a list of 5 ways to get a great home addition outcome so that you can build the home of your dreams! These projects can be a considerable task that requires a lot of thought. To get the best result possible, you want to do plenty of planning and avoid cutting corners. 


1. Know Your End Goal

It’s best to have a specific idea of how you want your home to look at the end of the renovation. Instead of having a vague plan, we recommend spending time hammering out the specifics. Communicating your goals in detail with your contractor will help you be on the same page. If you’re not sure where to start, do some research to get some inspiration! You’ll find great information on social media, websites, magazines, TV shows, and many other places. You can learn about color schemes, trending designs and find out about what works and what doesn’t


2. Have a Realistic Budget

Budget plays a significant role in the outcome of your home extension. We don’t recommend compromising the quality of work or materials to save a few extra dollars. Ensure you plan out all aspects, including materials, permit costs, labor, and it’s always a good idea to add 10%-15% of cushioning to your initial budget. 


3. Don’t Forget About the Permits

Permits and other legal documents are one area you don’t want to cut corners! Home extensions require a permit to ensure that you don’t breach property lines. On that note, this stage of the process is a great time to check in with your neighbors and get their approval. If your home extension gets extremely close to their property, you may want to chat with them about your project and warn them about the noise factor during construction. The last thing you want is grumpy neighbors!


4. Pay Attention to the Current Structure & Design

Your home addition should look like it wasn’t an afterthought. Matching the rest of the home’s aesthetic will keep it from sticking out and help make it look like it was part of the original design. On top of that, if you plan on doing a significant upgrade like adding a second floor, you want to make sure the existing structure and handle the weight. We understand this isn’t common knowledge, which is why we can help you determine if your home will need additional bracing or support.


5. Choose a Quality Contractor

Choosing the right contractor makes a night and day difference in the results. Look for companies that have multiple years of experience in home additions and renovations. Around half of all small businesses fail within their first five years, so it’s a good sign when you find a home remodeling company that’s been in business for 5+ years. This also isn’t an area you want to try and cut costs. Going with the cheapest bid may result in subpar work or hidden fees that end up exceeding your budget.


Julz Corporation is Here To Help

We hope our list of the 5 ways to get a great home addition outcome helps you plan your project! Whether you want to add an entirely new story or make a little extra room in your spare bedroom, we can help! We’ve completed hundreds of projects all around Southern California, and we’ve seen and done it all! If you want to sign up for our free consultation, where we meet with you, take some measurements, and talk about your vision, click here or call (760) 795-9697. We look forward to working with you!