Top 5 Things Most Homeowners Don’t Expect When Renovating


Top 5 Things Most Homeowners Don’t Expect When Renovating

Renovating a home is an involved and intricate process. There are hundreds of moving parts and various expectations to be met. As you embark on your home renovation adventure, you will need to be prepared. Even if you’ve renovated in the past, every project is unique and comes with its fair share of twists and turns. In this blog, we’ll go over the top 5 things most homeowners don’t expect when renovating their home.

1. Renovations Take Time

Before moving forward with your home renovation project, you need to set realistic expectations of how long the project will take. Sadly, renovations don’t happen overnight. You’ll have to speak with your home renovation company to get an estimate of how long the project will take. In the meantime, the place will be off-limits. If you’re renovating your kitchen, you’ll have to plan on eating out or setting up your BBQ grill in your backyard!

2. A Budget Can Make or Break the Project

Many homeowners start their home renovation project thinking everything will go smoothly and the budget will remain intact. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. Whatever you think your budget will be, it’ll most likely be more! The simple truth is that people don’t realize how much materials, permits, and labor cost. Not to mention the unexpected things that pop up and need to be repaired. We recommend preparing a little extra money for these cases. A smart, realistic budget can make the difference between keeping your project moving and halting it midway. So, take the time to carefully plan out the numbers.

3. Being Decisive Save You Time & Money

You may not realize this, but being decisive with your home renovation project will save you both time and money. There’s a large amount of detail involved in any given project. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen or your bathroom, there are infinite decisions to be made, and indecision can slow down the process substantially.

This is why working with an experienced renovation company is vital! While it may take you hours to research possible answers to a renovation question, it’ll take the Julz Corp team seconds to not only propose solutions, but recommend the solution that is best for your unique scenario!

4. Permits are a Necessary Nuisance

Permits play a big role as to why home renovation projects take a longer time than one expects. While it would be great if you could just renovate your home your way without needing permission, it’s simply not possible. All construction and renovation projects must legally obtain a number of permits before the start date. These permits can take anywhere from several weeks to months to obtain! If you’re planning on making major changes in your renovation project, be sure to keep permits in mind!

If this complex process sounds overwhelming, rest assured that Julz Corp handles these types of things on a daily basis. We’ll file everything on your project’s behalf and communicate with the involved parties until approval has been granted to your project!

What’s Next?

Renovating your home can be an exciting yet daunting endeavor. That’s why it’s essential that you get the design team involved from the very beginning. Not everything goes as expected in a home renovation project, so it’s essential that you work with an expert remodeling team that can remove the burden from you and can successfully renovate your home. If you’re ready to work with a trustworthy team who can help make your dream home a reality, give Julz Corp a call at (760) 795-9697, or click here for a free estimate.