Top Reasons to Have a Room Addition in Your House


5 Ways to Get a Great Home Addition Outcome

Is your family beginning to grow, creating less space in your home? Do you need a new bedroom, bathroom, playroom or other room to add more space to your house? Room additions are a great way to create extra storage space while still staying in the home you love. If you have the proper budget and want to renovate a new room in your home, our Julz Corp team can quickly get the job done.

1. Less Expensive & Stressful Than Moving

If you’re looking to upgrade the space in your home but don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving, then a room addition might be the best option for you. It can be a lot of work trying to find a whole new home that accommodates all of your needs. Adding on an extra room allows you to stay in your home while also creating a personalized area for you and your family that fits with your current home. Reach out to our Julz Corp team members, who can happily answer any room addition or home remodeling questions.

2. More Space

Whether you’re expecting a new family member or are getting more roommates, you might be thinking of ways to increase the space in your home. A brand-new bedroom can easily accommodate another person and create more storage space for your things. Adding a breakfast bar or island to your kitchen can create functional counter space you never knew you needed! No matter what room or area of your home you’re looking to upgrade, at Julz Corp, our technicians can get any remodeling project done for you!

3. Increased Home Value

Adding any amount of space to your home can immediately increase your home value. Since you will most likely have to stay in this home with this room for a few years if you’re investing in a room addition, your potential return of the house will have increased over time because you added more space to it than when you first purchased it. Call or go online to speak to one of our crew members about your future home projects for any home renovation or room addition needs!

4. Personalized Space

When adding on an extra room to your home, you can design it and customize it any way you want. This gives you the ability to spend your money the way you please and create your dream add-on, which you don’t have the option of doing when moving to a new home. If you’re looking to customize and renovate an addition for your home, our Julz Corp staff can help our customers design and build their dream home addition.

Why Homeowners Choose Julz Corp

Our Julz Corp technicians are highly skilled and can provide multiple home services for our customers. If your home is getting too cluttered and you’ve been thinking of ways to create more space, our team members can design room addition projects that fit our homeowner’s preferences and needs. Give us a call at (760) 561-5016, or click here for a free estimate!