What Are Concrete Tiles and Why We Love Them


What Are Concrete Tiles and Why We Love Them

We are going to talk about the pros of the concrete tiles that have been really popular recently.

Pattern and Color Choices

Our favorite thing about concrete tiles is all the patterns and color choices that are available. There are really traditional patterns that are hundreds of years old and also really modern and reintroduced patterns. There is a large variety to choose from and we can do all kinds of different custom colors and options. So there’s something for every style, whether it is modern, traditional, Spanish or Mediterranean.


The cement tile is incredibly durable. It is a very thick tile, about 5/8 of an inch thick. The color does run a little bit thicker into the tile as opposed to like a ceramic tile, where it’s just painted on. That gives you a lot of options as to if you do get a little chip in it, you’re going to have that color that shows through, as opposed to another tile where the body would show through. So concrete tile is a rock-solid, really durable solution for tile.


Concrete is authentic. It’s a real material made from the earth. It gives the space more character and authenticity. Cement tile starts off really clean and pretty and then over time it just slowly patinas.


This is an energy-efficient tile in the way that it is manufactured. It actually takes less energy than a ceramic or coarse, because when you’re making those tiles you’re using more energy. With concrete tiles you don’t have as many emissions because of the way it is made. All of the colors are hand poured into a mold and then it is hydraulically pressed and then water cured, so no firing is involved and there are no emissions.

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