Converting Your Garage Into a Home Office


Converting Your Garage Into a Home Office

What do Walt Disney, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Yankee Candles all have in common? They were all started in garages! Right now, converting your garage into a home office is ideal. Many people are working from home, and companies are talking about keeping it that way, even when it’s safe for workers to return to the office.

If your garage is unused, it’s time to maximize that space! It gives you a place to work without interruption and can separate your work time from your leisure time. A garage conversion is a cost-effective way to create a space for yourself without the hassle of a home renovation. Plus, you can put your empty garage to good use!

Reasons for Converting Your Garage Into a Home Office

If you have an unused garage or a two-car garage and only one car, you have a lot of useable space! They’re ideal workspaces because they’re separated from the house enough that it creates a healthy boundary between your work and home life. Renovating an existing space is also much cheaper than building an entirely new room. You can avoid having to pay an excessive amount of money for a new room addition. Plus, it’s a lot quicker; you won’t have to deal with months of construction (which can be distracting when working from home). If you’re hesitant because only a portion of your garage is open, this can work too! You can turn a corner of your garage into a cozy office nook. An excellent desk, chair, lamp, rug, and space dividers will make it feel like you’re in a whole new building.

How Do You Turn a Garage into an Office?

  1. Permits: If you want to transform your space, there is a little bit of effort that must go into it. As with all renovations, you may need proper permits and comply with your city or county’s building codes. Habitable spaces also need to be up to municipal standards.
  2. Insulation: Once the necessary permits are obtained, it’s time to think about insulation. Since most garages aren’t climate controlled, they aren’t very comfortable during winter. Solutions to this problem include insulating the walls or connecting the garage to the home’s HVAC system. If cold air’s creeping in through an old garage door, a new well-insulated door may be necessary as well.
  3. Lighting: Once your garage is nice and warm, it’s time to think about lighting. You don’t want to sit in a dark room while you work. Most garages don’t have much natural light, so overheat lighting and lamps are essential for bringing the space to life. If you yearn for natural light, we can add windows to your new room, making it feel more open and pleasant.
  4. Furnish: The final (and most exciting) step is furnishing your new office! You want it to be comfortable, appealing, and motivating. Take time to select the perfect desk and chair; after all, this is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Find other furniture pieces like a bookshelf, filing cabinet, or armchair to complete your new office. Just because the garage used to be plain old concrete doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. Adding carpet or investing in laminate or hardwood flooring makes your space more inviting. Have the walls painted and add your personal touch with some art pieces and decorations.

Let Us Help!

When it comes to converting your garage into a home office, we have years of experience in the field! At Julz Corporation, we have 10 years as an established business and over 45 years of combined experience. This means we’ve seen and worked with just about every home remodeling scenario. While we can’t promise this will help you start the next Amazon or Microsoft, we can promise that we’ll work hard to create a home office you love! If you have any questions about garage conversions or want to learn more about us, give us a call at (760) 795-9697 or contact us on our website.